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District Information

General Information About Penns Manor Area School District

The Penns Manor Area School District, which is comprised of Cherryhill Township, Pine Township and Clymer Borough, is located in the eastern central portion of Indiana County and covers approximately 81 square miles. Even though the location is rural, it is 75 miles from Pittsburgh, 20 miles from Ebensburg, 35 miles from Johnstown, and 15 miles from Indiana, which is the county seat.

The school is located in Cherryhill Township at the intersection of Routes 403 and 553. It is comprised of one complex, which contains an elementary school (Pre-K through grade 5) and a junior-senior high school (grades 6 through 12). The enrollment for the 2014-15 school year is 444 students at the Elementary and 473 at the High School. 


Mission Statement

The Penns Manor Area School District, together with families and community members, fosters a safe learning environment. We are dedicated to achieving the Pennsylvania Core Academic Standards, promoting arts and social responsibility, to develop educated, self-confident, respectful, and productive citizens for the 21st century global society. 

Vision Statement

With a collaborative effort among students, families, administration, faculty, staff, and community members, the Penns Manor Area School District will establish, educate, and develop students with a productive work ethic, respect for self and others, and the desire to become independent and competitive members eager to contribute to our 21st century society. 


Shared Values

We believe ...

Students Beliefs:

         1. The diversified educational needs of all students can be met.

         2. The skilled use of technology is integral to student learning.

         3.  Students will be active learners.

         4.  The family is central to a child’s learning.

         5.  All students can be productive members of society.

         6.  Students will have a sense of belonging and acceptance in the school environment through academics and extracurricular activities.

         7.  There will be clear expectations for students.

Educators and Teaching Beliefs:

         1.  The curriculum will be correlated with the Pennsylvania State Standards and/or Common Core Standards, clearly defined, and articulated between all grade levels.

         2.  Educators will have a sense of belonging and acceptance in the school environment.

         3.  There will be clear expectations for faculty. The faculty, in turn, will provide clear instructional expectations for the students of Penns Manor School District.

         4.  Educators must be knowledgeable and current in their profession and discipline.

         5.  Classroom instruction must be engaging, challenging, purposeful and relevant.

Community and Environment Beliefs:

         1.  Fiscal decisions must effectively balance the educational needs of the students and resources of the community.

         2.  Students, parents, school personnel, and the community contribute to and benefit from student learning.

         3.  The facility will be safe, clean and properly maintained.

         4.  The school will remain a main focal point for community activities.