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Penns Manor Area School District Where Bright Futures Begin


District Displays Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives

Penns Manor Area School District has sets goals and objectives for the next four years as required by the Comprehensive Planning Process.
Goal #1:  Develop an Early Childhood Program for students who are 3 years old.
A. Survey community to determine need and interest.
B. Examine the logistics of opening a program for 3 year old children.
C. Identify referral sources.
D. Administration site visits to schools who have currently a 3 year old program.
E. Seek grants and funding source.
Goal #2:  All students will read at grade level from grade 1 through grade 3.
A. Continue to implement the 5 year M.T.S.S. Plan with fidelity.
B. Develop and implement additional supports for students not on pace. 
C. Design intervention period to maximum effectiveness.
D. Professional Development for all stakeholders involved.
E. Develop a culture of shared responsibility.
F.  Explore all available resources (mentors, parent, volunteers, Link Crew)
G. Seek grants and funding source.
Goal #3:  Each 8th grade student will develop and explore career objectives.
A. Utilize Career Cruising to house each student's career objectives.
B. 8th grade students will have 6 career artifacts by the end of their 8th grade year.
C. Establish a schedule for students to maintain their career portfolios.
D. Professional Development for teachers to assist in development of student career portfolios.
E. Establish partnerships with parents to utilize Career Cruising software.
Goal #4:  Each graduate will identify their career of work in the workforce, be accepted into a post-secondary school or enlisted in a branch of the military.
A. Students will be exposed to various occupations within the local community.
B. Every student in grade 9 will tour the Indiana County Career and Technology Center and have the options to shadow in career area.
C. Every student in grade 10 will take the A.S.V.A.B.
D. Every student in grade 11 will attend the I.U.P Career Fair.
E. Explore offering potential military presentations.
Goal #5:  Challenge all stakeholders in the District to utilize their talents to contribute positively to the school community.
A. Establish the role and function of each student organization (Student Government, School/Community Service Projects).
B. Create an Administration/Faculty/Student/Community Member/ Current Parent Senate to establish concerns and goals.
C. Provide opportunities to showcase student and adult adult talents (Academic Fair. Spelling Bee, Concerts, Quiz Bowl, Radio Station Appearances, Display Student Work.)
D. Provide volunteer opportunities.
E. Develop a want to learn attitude in students.
Goal #6:  Develop a curriculum framework for 3 year children to grade 12 with instructional resources and support services.
A. Teach soft skills to all students.
B. Development M.T.S.S. Framework throughout all grade levels.
C. Provide professional development to employees from aligning curriculum to PA Standards to electronically housing our curriculum.
D. Employee visits to other District's programs that have been proven outstanding results.
F.  Develop a method to evaluate graduates success at 5 and 10 years from graduation date.
Goal #7  Ensure a safe and supportive environment, within our facilities, for all District students, staff and visitors.
A. Complete an Energy Savings Project.
B. A.L.I.C.E. train all employees and students.
C. Operate the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program at the elementary school.
D. Operate the COMET Way Positive Support Program at the Jr./Sr. High School.
E. Implement recommendations from the Risk and Vulnerability Study and annually reassess.
F. Provide opportunities for students to take ownership of their learning and the functions of the buildings.
G. Create a network of opportunities for students, staff and community members.