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TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER - Please read all instructions carefully


Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer for the Penns Manor Area School District must submit the following documents to the District Office prior to volunteering. 


1)  Letter of interest stating the sport/program you wish to help with
2)  Clearances listed below
         *ACT 34 - PA Criminal History Record  LINK - ACT 34 
                          (FREE - If filed as a volunteer) 
         *ACT 151 -PA Child Abuse History         LINK - ACT 151 
                          (FREE - If filed as a volunteer)
         *Volunteer Affidavit  - Download Document at Right
          (can be used if you have been a resident of the 
          State of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years) 
         *ACT 114 - FBI Fingerprinting (Fee of $22.60 for Volunteers)  LINK - ACT 114   
          See link at right for service code and further instructions
          (Only file for ACT 114 if you have not been a resident of
          Pennsylvania within the last 10 years, otherwise only the affidavit is needed) 
  • All clearances for volunteers are free provided that you apply as a volunteer, and have been a resident of the State of Pennsylvania for the last 10 years.  
  • It is the District's policy that all initial clearances be within one year of the date they were obtained.  Once on file, clearances are good for five years.  
  • If you prefer, paper forms are also available, but please be aware that applications submitted via U.S. Mail may take several weeks to be processed.  Applying online is highly recommended.
Dropped off
All documents can be dropped off at the District Office Monday - Friday between the hours of 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM during school days, or 7:00 to 3:30 during the summer months.
Mailed to 
       Daren Johnston, Superintendent
       Penns Manor Area School District
       6003 Rt. 553 Hwy.
       Clymer, PA  15728
Emailed to
       Julie Miller at [email protected]
  • Volunteers must have the consent of the Administration and coach/program director.  Their name will then be submitted to the Board of Education for approval. 
  • All volunteers must submit a new letter of interest and be approved each year prior to the beginning of the sport/program they are assisting with.



For questions and/or additional information, you may contact

Mrs. Julie Miller at (724) 254-2666, Ext 4951

or by email at [email protected]





FBI Fingerprinting (to be used only if you are unable to submit the Volunteer Affidavit)
  • Visit the IdentoGO Website
  • Enter Service Code 1KG6XN - School District Employees
  • Complete the online registration form
  • You will proceed with your results, payment and an acceptable photo ID to an Enrollment Agency to complete the fingerprinting process.
  • Once fingerprinted at the enrollment agency, you will receive a receipt with an UEID number.  Please submit a copy of this receipt to the District Office.