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Cherryhill Township


The Cherryhill Township school was built in 1929 by the Stadford Lumber Company and was used by all of the students in Cherryhill township for grades one through eleven when it was first built.  Mr. Brian Short was the President of the Board of Directors with fellow officers Fred C. Ray, vice president, F.S. Golden, secretary, and J.P. Lydick, treasurer.  The students attended the Cherryhill Township school for the first eleven years of their education, but they were sent to Clymer High School, Pine Township High School or Indiana High School to complete their senior year and receive their certificates.

Even though the school had originally had grades one through eleven, in approximately 1951, it began  putting only one grade level per classroom (it had previously been two) and thus housed only grades one through eight.  Over the next six years, the grade levels that were housed in that building gradually were reduced and around 1957, the school began housing only grades one through six.  In 1980 all the students began attending the newly formed Penns Manor building and the old school house was given to the Cherryhill Township supervisors who now use it as a community center and head start building.

Clymer School

There were three sites of Clymer School.  The first, built in 1906, was for grades one through four.  It was built by Cherryhill Township.  The second building was the junior high, and the third was the senior high school.

The high school curriculum was two years long.  In 1915 they added another year.  Then in about 1916 a new four-room high school building was built on Hancock Street across from the elementary.

In 1923, an eight-room brick building was built on Morris Street, and it housed the high school until 1926.  1923 was also the year they started the four-year high school curriculum.  An eight-room extension was added to the Morris Street high school building, and it was turned into an elementary school.  In 1935, any Clymer High School graduate was automatically accepted into Penn State University without any further tests.

The records show that there have been a total of 1,395 students that have graduated from Clymer High School since the first class graduated in the year 1913.  The largest graduating class was in 1941, and there were a total number of 79 students.

Pine Township

The Pine Township High School was built in 1926.

The first graduating class was in 1928.

Besides being the high school for students in Heilwood, where the Pine Township High School was located, it was also the high school for students from Alverda, who had previously attended the elementary school in Alverda.  Pine Township was used as a high school until 1960 when the Penns Manor High School was built.  Then the Pine Township High School became the Pine Township Elementary school and was used as the elementary until 1975 when it was condemned due to fire regulations and the elementary students were sent to the newly built Penns Manor Elementary School built in 1980.

Penns Manor Area School District


Penns Manor Joint School District was formed in 1952 when the Clymer, Pine Township, and Cherryhill school districts came together.  The current high school was built in 1960 and the former high schools were then used as elementary schools.  When deciding on a name for the school, the suggestions included Pinemer and Penns Manor, among others.  Penns Manor was chosen and the new high school was opened in the fall of 1960.  In 1979, construction of the elementary school building was completed and it opened in the fall of 1980.  The old high schools, then functioning as grade schools, were shut down and all elementary students came to the new building.  In 1994, the high school completed a 6.9 million dollar renovation.  The renovation of the elementary was completed in 2005.